Dental services


In dental treatments, prophylaxis and proper oral hygiene are very important. At Lin clinic, we try to take care of your teeth so that you can have a beautiful smile. Besides removing calculus (scaling), sandblasting or fluoride varnishing, we also teach our patients about correct oral care.

Lifestyle has significant effect on oral hygiene. Food intake, smoking, frequent consumption of coffee, tea, and red wine can all affect your teeth. Proper dental prophylaxis can not only prevent tooth and gum diseases, but also can lead to strengthening and increasing immunity. Used regularly, dental prophylaxis can save you time and money by reducing your need for dental treatment.


Dental checkups are essential for long term health. Conservative dentistry mainly consists of treating tooth decay. Dental caries (the most common disease in the world), is a bacterial disease based on demineralization and degrading of the hard dental tissue.


Thanks to root canal treatment we can cure toothache and reduce the need for tooth extraction. This kind of treatment is based on removing bacteria from the root. Bacteria penetrates to pulp – nerve of the tooth – often causing severe pain. During root canal treatment the dentist removes the infected nerve of the tooth, fills the canal and constructs a new crown.


No doubt the most popular procedure in dental surgery is extraction. Extraction is the removal of the teeth, which are not able to be treated further by conservative intervention. Some teeth, especially the impacted (wisdom teeth), fractured or unerupted teeth, are removed due to the needs of orthodontic or prosthetic treatment.

To ensure the comfort of the patient, it is essential to choose the optimum method of treatment. Before each procedure the doctor explains the whole treatment plan, especially the stages and the possible consequences. The conducted interview and x-ray pictures combine to give dentists a general idea of patient’s health condition.

After collecting all the information about a patient, the doctor begins the painless procedure. After the surgical procedure the patient is given instructions in order to aid in fast recovery.


Implantology is the most efficient method to replace a missing tooth. A dental implant can create correct function and natural appearance of a tooth if it has been lost. It’s more convenient than removable dentures because you don’t need to remove an implant for cleaning. Unlike dental bridges, adjacent teeth around a missing tooth don’t need to be prepared in the case of implantation, so it doesn’t cause any extra damages to the neighbouring tooth.

Implantation should proceed as soon as possible after the loss of a natural tooth. When a tooth is extracted, the surrounding alveolar bone will start to be resorbed, which is not beneficial for implantation. Dental implants can improve the quality of the life, they can assure more beautiful smile and better physical and psychological health, leading to increase confidence.


Tooth whitening is the most common procedure in modern esthetic dentistry. A broad spectrum of products based on prices and whitening durations for tooth whitening shows the need of all patients. In each case the procedure is safe and effective. However, we should remember that tooth whitening is not a permanent solution and needs appropriate maintenance in order to achieve a long-lasting effect.


In Lin Clinic we also take care of the youngest patients. For children appropriate hygiene is extremely important because their primary teeth influence the development of future permanant teeth.
Premature removal of a milk tooth will close the space for permanent teeth. This can cause in the future malocclusion and require orthodontic treatment.

Milk teeth are very susceptible to dental caries, that’s why we recommend frequent dental consultations and prophylaxis. It is worth remembering that dental caries are bacterial flora, which means they can affect children’s general health.


Prosthodontics is a field in dentistry which is related with dental prostheses – to regain function of lost dentition and improve the aesthetics of the teeth. Incomplete dentition leads to serious consequences for patients’ daily function and mental state. Loss of even one tooth might cause dislocation of neighbouring teeth (tilting, rotation) and lengthening of the tooth in the opposite arch.

Different types of prosthodontic treatments:

  • dental bridges,
  • dental crowns,
  • post and core,
  • implant supported prosthesis,
  • overdenture,
  • removable partial denture,
  • prosthesis hygiene.

We know that sometimes it’s unavoidable to remove a tooth, that’s why we are trying to provide different solutions. In this way you can gain not only beautiful smile but also confident!